Membership Review

If you believe the image making standard of a current Accredited Professional Photographer or Accredited Professional Video Producer falls below the current high standards we set, you can request the AIPP MAC (Membership & Accreditation Committee) instigate a review process.

As of February 2019, the AIPP MAC consists of:

  • Ben Kopilow APP M.Photog I 
  • Kylie Lyons APP.L M.Photog I Hon. LM
  • Tony Knight APP.L M.Photog I
  • Charles McKean APP M.Photog II
  • Hilary Wardhaugh APP.L M.Photog IV
  • Rochelle Morris APVP

To request a review process click the button below.

The MAC will, upon receipt of a review request assess the following:

  • The circumstances that have given rise to the review request
  • The circumstances pertaining to the member who is the subject of the review request
  • The public persona presented by the member who is the subject of the review request, including "Search For A Pro" profiles, AIPP micro site profiles and their own website.

If, following this initial review, the MAC decide there are reasons to continue, a formal review will take place, which may require the submission and assessment of a new image portfolio for review by the MAC.

If a member's portfolio is assessed in this manner, and it is decided this portfolio does not meet the AIPP Professional Standards, the member will be asked to revert to AIPP Emerging Membership until such time as they are able to submit a new portfolio which reaches our minimum professional standards.


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